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Please feel free to contact me for a non-binding offer.
Payments can be made in several currencies. Payments in currencies other than euro (EUR) will be calculated on the basis of the rates in EUR below using the currency converter on

The rates stated below are ex VAT. Depending on certain factors, a VAT fee of 25% may be added to the rates in accordance with the tax legislation.

Usual rates per 1000 source words for translations:
English < > Danish: 140.00 EUR.
Russian > English, Russian > Danish: 190.00 EUR.

Translation discounts:
If the project can be carried out using SDL Trados, and the text includes repeated segments, the rate of such repetitions is reduced to 15% of the ordinary price. The SDL Trados tool can calculate the number of repeated words. If you are a recurring customer, any translation memory that I used for your previous project(s) will also be included in the discount calculation. In this way, the price will be reduced significantly for parts of your new text that match content of the translation memory by a similarity of down to 85%.

Usual rate per 1000 source words for proofreading of translations:
For translations of acceptable quality, the general proofreading rate is 70.00 for English < > Danish.

Payment methods:
- Wire transfer

- Moneybookers or PayPal

Cheques are not accepted.












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